Hey fiance/stranger/acquaintance/friend/my mom! If you're the last one of these, yes, I will watch for deer. If you're the first one of these, CONGRATS because you're GETTING MARRIED SOON! That deserves a big hell yeah. And you deserve a great photographer to document it all. So look around, get to know me, and please reach out so I can get to know you, too!


As if the www doesn’t have enough of my data already… 

Name: Megan

Age: 33

Facts and Feelings:

  • Originally from "the country" (a super-small WI town), went to college in Duluth, lived in Minneapolis for 10 years, and have recently made Marine on Saint Croix home.
  • I married my best friend Taylor in 2019. We met on Instagram and I'm not sorry about it. :)
  • I believe there are few things better than traveling.
  • The best part about takeout ramen is THE CONTAINER. A gift that keeps on giving.
  • I hate to wait for anything. Can my hair appointment be today? Will shipping take longer than 45 minutes?
  • Sitting at the bar > getting a table.
  • I love cooking but chronically underestimate the time I will take chopping, searing, singing to my dog, and scrolling through Instagram, resulting in an average dinner ETA of 10:00 p.m. (yeah even on weeknights). All of which I justify by a single sentence - "You know, this is how Europeans do it”. 
  • My version of escapism is watching YouTube videos of places I’ll likely never go, and filling tens of online shopping carts with stuff I’ll likely never buy.
  • Five years ago we adopted a retired racing greyhound named Apollo (see below). He cute. I can go on for hours about how freaking great greyhounds are as pets. Any interest? Check out Greyhound Pets of America - MN and contact me so I can buy you a drink and tell you about how they're the best animals on earth.
  • I was gifted my first camera by my dad when I was in college. I've never looked back.

My own wedding photos are credit of the wonderful Quinn Oberlander


“Megan was a total dream from start to finish. She started by finding our shoot local, which took all the pressure off of me. I know it sounds like a little thing, but it was so nice just to be able to show up and know she’s picked a good spot (especially because we weren’t in a familiar setting!). My fiancé and I were nervous about taking our engagement pictures – neither one of us are very comfortable in front of the camera. Not only did Megan put us right at ease, she helped us find flattering poses while helping us feel natural. We actually had a blast! I mean, if your photographer is willing to chase waves with you like a game of Frogger, you know you’re in good company. And the pictures? Amazing. Insane, jaw-dropping, gorgeous shots. Megan made two not photogenic people look like models. She edited an incredible number of pictures, blowing the idea of “quality or quantity” out of the water. If you want to have a great time during your session, if you want to feel comfortable with your photographer, and most importantly if you want pictures that will blow you away: choose Megan of Rebel Rabbit Photography.”

“As a working creative, I was hesitant to even invest in an engagement photographer (soon to be wedding photographer) but Megan was a no-brainer. I was interested to see how she could make our photos stand out, and she absolutely blew me away with not only her style, but also her ability to embrace our style. I’m one of those people that decided a long time ago that I’ll probably just have to give up on any expectations of photos, and that I’ll always sort of hate the way I look, but she actually made me look super badass. Also, my fiance is a fox, so there was a lot of pressure on me to look good. The location was brilliant, the color composition was impeccable, and the experience was actually very very easy. I’m STOKED to see the wedding ones too. Megan made the anticipation for my wedding exciting, but she was also able to capture our love on camera (that’s literally the cheesiest thing I’ve ever said, but hey). Thank you, Megan, and you have my #1 referral.”

"Megan was wonderful! She is so kind and helpful, patient, and creative. She is an absolute artist, our photographs came out beautifully. Many of our guests were amazed at her professionalism and approach throughout the wedding as there are very photographers that can provide that level of service. We will have these photos to treasure for a lifetime. Thank you!"
“We loved working with Megan. We planned our wedding with VERY short notice and she was always prompt with her responses and made us feel very comfortable in choosing her right away. We love our photos and have gotten so many compliments. She did a wonderful job and we’re so happy and thankful for such a great experience!”